April 23, 2006

I got choice

Looks like Mr Sin Kek Tong will be opposing Mr Yao Chih in Macpherson. Both are good men. The oppositions like my constituency. Almost every election I got choice except when Macpherson was in Marine Parade GRC.

I think you cannot blame others if you have no choice. Why would the oppositions contest in a constituency they feel they have no chance at all. They need to spend money during the elections. They might even lose their deposits.

I also think you cannot fault the big GRCs. The main thing is that the oppositions do not have enough good candidates.

Previously, oppositions did not contest GRCs because they had not enough people. Then they blamed the GRCs. Now they are contesting some GRCs because they have the people. They do not contest all GRCs because they do not have enough people. So they blame the big GRCs. In future they will contest all GRCs when they have the people. What to blame now? They might even be glad that there are GRCs.


Kongming said...

at least u got a chance to vote. My West-Coast GRC unlikely to have a chance. I believe there isn't any contest here for quite a long time.
For non political concern friends, all GRC are headed by a cabinet minister

frannxis said...

ya, it is a strategic move.
I think you are a great admirer of Kong Ming - maybe you know alot of strategies, like the strategy of making money from shares.

Kongming said...

actually playing with shares is depending on how to see ur investment. maybe i blog something abt it when i out of topic again