August 25, 2006

Animal abusers

A cat torturer was sentenced to eight weeks’ jail – a report in the papers.

You read about some people who go about torturing and killing cats and dogs. Now, if I were the judge….besides the usual sentence, I would

send them to the areas where they have committed their crimes, hang a placard describing their evil deeds on their necks and parade them around the markets and hawkers' centres to let people see who they are,

add another few weeks to their jail term which would be spend at the zoo to learn to take care of animals and to clean up animal dung,

And I think caning should be an option for serious cases.


Kongming said...

i was thinking if can put them in e cage or not. haha

fr said...

can lah, hee..hee..wait till we be judges

A.C. said...

I can caning shouldn't be an option. It should be MANDATORY!

Animals have lives too!

Victor said...

Feed them cat food or mice while they are in jail. And if they tied rubber bands around the tails, necks or feet of cats, the judge should look for a finger-like protrusion on their bodies and do likewise to them. Punishment considered meted out only when that part becomes gangrenous and drops off naturally, kekeke.

Joey said...

I would prefer to put the offenders to take care of the animals that they have hurt. If the animal died while under their care, ask them to give it a proper funeral with all the necessary prayers etc. Teach them that these animals have a life too!

Lam Chun See said...

Force them to marry a cat-lover; like this lady who comes around my area every evening to feed the stray cats.