August 13, 2006


It was reported that some groups in Britian have written to the British Prime Minister that the hostilities in Iraq and the conflict in the Middle East "give ammunition to extremists to threaten us all". They blame the US and Britain’s policies in Iraq and the Middle East for the terrorist acts. So? Don’t blame the terrorists?

How unhappy or angry these extremists are with the US and Britain, they cannot do horrendous things like bombing 10 planes killing thousands of innocent people. Fortunately their plan was foiled.

A few days ago there was a newspaper commentary which explains why it was a mistake to put terrorists on trail and the best thing is detention. Even if there is not enough evidence, it doesn’t mean they are not guilty. They should not be freed. The rights of other people to live is more important.


Victor said...

It has been said many times before that the war against terrorism can never be fought like a conventional war for the simple reason that it isn't one - it is an ideological war. And the war in Iraq is certainly not an ideological one. Enough said.

qa said...

extremists are irrational, even if the us and britain change their policies you think the extremists would stop. no, they will be bolder and make more demands