October 24, 2008

Car accident

Getting into an accident, even a minor one, gives you a lot of inconvenience and repairs are expensive. Even if you don't have to pay, it may affect your insurance premium. So drive with care.

I had a small unfortunate accident not long ago. The damages are shown below. Inside, one top corner of the radiator was dislodged from the front of the car but the car could still be driven normally. How much you think repairs cost?

OK, give you answers to choose, to the nearest $100: $800, $1200, $1600, $2000

Fortunately, I had an eye-witness and I think the other side was honest when making his report. But still there was the hassle of taking down particulars & taking photos, reporting, sending to workshop, looking for witness to get his statement, etc, etc.

The workshop claim advisor told me that if the other party admits that it is his fault, get him to write it down and sign it on the spot, lest he changes his mind and blames you later on.


yg said...

i think there is a clause in the motor insurance policy which says 'you should not admit liability at any time'.

an accident is something we do not want to be involved in, even if we are in the right. however, if the other party is reasonable and civilised, it makes such an experience much less unpleasant.

you do not always lose your no claim bonus. the last time i 'kissed somebody's backside', i got to keep my ncb. i think the other driver, whose car bumper was dislodged and the boot slightly dented, made do with some cosmetic repairs.

Victor said...

Sorry to hear that, Frannxis. My guess is $1600. Normally if there is a insurance claim, the repair cost is usually quite high. They say this is known as "over-claim" not dishonesty.

Kongming said...

hm... 1600 for me also...
need to change lamp...