March 31, 2009


There are 4 barber shops around my area, one Chinese, one Indian and two Malay. The Chinese and the two Malay shops charge $8 for adults. I don't know about the Indian. Now I stick to one of the Malay shops. Usually there are two barbers in the shop, but sometimes got three.

I cut hair about once every two months, so the total bill for one year is merely $50. You know why got $2 extra, right?

I think my hair is easy to cut and my head is not very big, so they usually finished the job fast.

I read Victor's post about his haircut (link on the right - Taking up the challenge). His cost only $2.80 and included wash and blow and got receipt somemore. The receipt below is from his blog. From the list of shops in the receipt, the nearest for me is at Bendemeer.


Victor said...

No, $2.80 does not include wash/blow. But a word of caution - if you go on weekends, you may need to wait for half an hour or more. I usually get a number first and return to the shop later.

>You know why got $2 extra, right?

Erm... because you asked for extra services... like digging ears?

Only kidding, it's the Chinese New Year surcharge. But when you cut hair only once every two months, if you time it properly, you might just be able to avoid paying the surcharge.

fr said...

I remember I did missed the CNY surcharge before but it was not planned.

With the waiting time and the transport cost, I think I will stick to my regular barber shop.

Victor said...

The best part is that Snip Avenue didn't impose any surcharge when I had my haircut there close to last CNY - still the good old price of $2.80.