March 07, 2009


Last week I read a post - the writer said someone used his photo in a Facebook account but the writer himself is not a member of Facebook. He is just an ordinary person with a normal face. Anyway, why would a person want to use another person's photo?

Just to let you know, I don't have an account with Facebook. If you see the name Frannxis there, it is another person.
But I don't think another person will come up with this name too.

We should not post sensitive information about the armed forces online. You never know, the information could be used by people with bad intention to harm us and our Country. If not sure if something is sensitive or not, then don't post. No need to wait for something unpleasant to happen first.

On and off I have been reading this blog, A Soldier's Mother. She is not a Singaporean, neither is her son. They are in Israel. Often she writes about the conflict in the Middle East. As you would expect, she is on her country's side.

If you are interested :


Anonymous said...

Hi Francix

I heard that during the recent street opera performance,there was an announcement about the 3 nights' mega charity Canto opera performance in early July. It seems ticket sale will start next month. Do you have the names of the China artistes who will be coming? thanks

Yin Peng

Anonymous said...

The person mentioned many names, maybe a dozen. I only recall a few - Yuen Siu Fai, Li Long, Long Koon Tin, Wong Wai Kuan .....

I don't think tickets sales start next month, I think in May.