May 22, 2010

ungranted wish

Late afternoon. It was raining and as it often happens on rainy days, there was a slight jam. I happened to stop next to a bus-stop for a few minutes. The few people at the bus-stop had nothing to do, so they looked at my car. My car is not nice to look at. It has not been washed for days and there were bird shit and dirt.

Now back to the old days when I took buses to work. At the bus-stop oftentimes I was also looking at cars and motorcycles passing by. At that time my wish was to buy a scooter or motorcycle, not a car. I think helmets were not compulsory then.

However, my father was vehemently against me riding scooter or motorcycle. I guess you know the reason. Yes, dangerous, he said.

So my wish never comes true and I don’t have a license for this category of vehicles.

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Victor said...

I attempted getting a motorbike license once around the mid-70s. They made you ride across a plank of about 1-foot wide and 15-foot long. Both wheels must remain on the plank throughout. Once one wheel is down, you must not try to bring the bike up the plank again as doing os might cause the bike to fall. Doing figure 8 around pylons was comparatively easier.

I failed get the license in the end and I gave up totally after that. Which is just as well as I don't think I am a safe rider and I might not have lived till today if I have taken up bike riding. Why, I could even fall while riding a bicycle nowadays.