May 09, 2010

soya sauce chicken

While reading this post I realized that I have not eaten soya sauce chicken for quite a long time already. Usually I eat plain white chicken. I also didn't know there are two Chew Kee Stalls at Upper Cross Street. I only know the one at No. 8 whose lady boss is a Cantonese opera enthusiast.

I also remember seeing one soya sauce chicken stall at the food centre at Chinatown Complex. I decided to eat the chicken at this stall. So I went there one evening. It was quite early and there were only six people queuing at the stall. It is self-service. So I joined the queue and waited for about 10 minutes. During this time, the pint-sized skinny woman assistant helping at the counter looked a bit clumsy.

First, a customer had filled a tiny receptacle with soya sauce and placed it on a tray. Somehow the assistant knocked the tray and spilled the soya sauce onto the tray. Another time she put a bowl of soup quite hard on the counter and some soup splashed onto the counter.

This is the stall : Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle #02-127 Chinatown Complex

The chicken is tender and tasty but not outstanding. Anyway I am not much of a chicken connoisseur.
Another thing, like many stalls they give you those disposable chopsticks and spoons. The spoon is small and the material is very thin, so it bends easily. It doesn't give you a good feel drinking from it.

I have mentioned this stall in a post somewhere because of its unusual name. The name has nothing to do with what it sells - fish-ball noodles. It is just a few steps away from the soya sauce chicken stall.

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