March 07, 2011

G is for ...

I was reading a post about Graduates parents produce smarter children. The writer came across non-graduates who have smart children. So she disagrees with the statement.

People get their genes from their parents. The genes dictate your characteristics, for example skin colour, body size and facial features. They can even tell you if you are prone to certain diseases.

If you believe in genes, then you will agree that tall parents produce taller children than short parents. Nevertheless, there are exceptions.

Smart parents will also transfer their smart genes to their children.
Graduates are supposed to be smart. Therefore they produce smart children.

Now, there are many non-graduates who are smart but they do not go to university for various reasons.
So, non-graduates produce smart as well as not-so-smart children.

Hence I think it is not wrong to say graduates parents produce smarter children.

But intelligence doesn't necessarily make your life happier. Happiness is relative to expectation. For example, an average student scoring Cs for his subjects is just as happy as a smart student scoring As. If the average student scores a few Bs and As, he will be happier than the smart student.

There are things that are more important, like your attitude towards life, religious belief and emotional stability.

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yg said...

maybe, that's why only very smart people can come up with the 'graduate mothers scheme'.