April 10, 2011

who are they ?

This is a quiz for Singapore Cantonese Opera fans. I think it is not hard. Answers will be given in the second post after this.

I was looking through some photos I took at opera shows. A few are not clear (for example, the first photo below) but the blurriness makes them suitable for quizzes. I don't think I have posted these photos before. All are Singapore artistes.

Who are these two?

Who is this huadan?

Who is the sheng?


Anonymous said...

Sheng is Gary Kong
Dan Leong Shiu Fong

Anonymous said...

2nd photo Dan is Chong Lai Yong

Anonymous said...

just a guess: May Chong and Meiwan

fr said...

Is May Chong = Chong Lai Yong?

Anonymous said...

Chong Lai Yong sounds nicer :)