October 26, 2011


This concert was the second of two night concerts staged by Chinese Theatre Circle to commemorate its 30th anniversary. The first night was 'A Showcase of CTC's signature operas'. However, there was no excerpt on another CTC's beloved opera, Madam White Snake.

What I also find missing were some well-known former CTC members who are still active in the opera scene. I think fans would be happy to see them perform their signature excerpts again.

Here are the presentations on the second night.


十三郎 - 关小萍

对花鞋 - 林嘉文, 卢少玲, 陈良兴

紅楼双玉折梅情 - 徐艳紅, 洪清芳

水淹蓝桥 - 陈沛诚

苦凤离鸾 - 罗秋鸿, 卢少玲

閒谈 - 李季桦, 卢少玲, 罗秋鸿, 徐艳紅, 陈淑桦

斩经堂 - 郭广麟, 利莲茜

Mr Law Chow Hong and his wife (second last photo, 3rd and 4th from left) are Cantonese opera songs teachers in Hong Kong.

Ms Lam Kar Mun (third photo, sheng in the centre) is an opera teacher in England.

When you see Kwan Siu Peng, she is always dressed in her trademark suit (second photo). She was the compere on the first night. I was surprised to see her in a cheongsam (or qi pao). I thought she looked nice in it and she would wear something like that on the second night too. I think it would suit the song she was singing. But she wore her trademark suit again.

Here is a low quality short clip by Law Chow Hong by Loh Siew Leng. There is a good quality video of this song, by Law Chow Hong and another female singer, at YouTube.

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