November 05, 2012


The first night was a showcase for Mr Ling Dong Ming. He sang 6 of the 8 songs, one solo and 5 duets. The other singers are well-known female artistes from China and Hong Kong who are Mr Ling's former colleagues in opera troupes, partners and good friends.

Overall it was a good show and well-organized and you could see that a lot of effort had been put in. 

Surprisingly, there was no interval for the show which lasted more than 3 hours. I think the audience would like to stretch their legs after 4 or 5 songs. I guess the organizing committee were worried that people would dilly-dally, go for a drink at the coffee-shop nearby or gossip for too long during the interval and walk in while the artistes were performing. Perhaps next time it could station some of its members outside the theatre to remind people when the show is about to resume. An interval would also revitalize those who are feeling drowsy.

I also think it would be good if the guest artistes includes two or three top local artistes instead of all from overseas.

First night


蔣文端, 張琴思, 梁玉嶸

Second night 

Ling's students performing with the guest artistes from China.

Three more photos at Facebook.

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