April 01, 2013


There are two aspects to shopping. One is go shopping knowing exactly what things you want to buy (for example a Samsung WF-30023G front-load washer) or shopping for things that you need regularly (sugar for example). The other aspect is to go shopping trying to choose what you think best suit your need, a dress for example.

You know, I dislike doing the second aspect of shopping.

I have been thinking of replacing my old compact camera which is not working well. I am thinking of one with a higher zoom. Then I saw an advertisement of an Olympus with a 24x zoom. Later I came across other cameras like Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Samsung and Casio which also have high zooms. Some looks quite bulky. I guess each one has its own good points.

For me, more choices means spending more time trying to pick a camera. So I think the simplest thing to do is to go to a shop, look at a few cameras with a high zoom and see which one appears to me in terms of look and price.

Anyone got any suggestion or recommendation?

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