April 08, 2013

mirror view

I was driving along a road. I looked at the rear view mirror. There was a van behind me. There was a message on its front. As I had to concentrate on the road I did not have enough time to make out what the message was. One of the words I could make out was 'God'. So I guess it was something from the Bible.

When you look at a mirror, the words are laterally inverted. It is not the same as just reversing the letters. For example if you reversed the letters in 'cantonese opera', it would look like this ... arepo esenotnac .

However, if you look at its image in a plain mirror, it would be like this:
This is called lateral inversion.

I remember studying about lateral inversion when I was in lower secondary. I found it quite fascinating.

Now, look at this photo. Where is the mole? It is on his left cheek. But if this photo was the image in a mirror, then the mole is actually on his right cheek.

Another one ... I love YAM? Again if this photo was taken off a mirror, then it is I love MAY.

When does a right-handed man become a left-handed man? 
When you look at him in a mirror using his hand to write.

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