August 05, 2013


In recent weeks I met two old friends whom I have not seen for a few years. Both have put on considerable weight. I was not surprised. I myself have also put on some weight. I think this is a result of eating more but without an increase in physical activities.

Actually I have decided to do something about my overweight. But I have not started on my plan yet – delaying and delaying. It is like people making empty resolutions at the beginning of a new year.

This is procrastination, one of the human weaknesses. 

However, after seeing how fat one of the two old friends has become, I am confident that I will start on my plan soon, .

We still read about Singaporeans being cheated by scratch-and-win scams in Malaysia. I am certain these victims know about such scams. So how come they still fell for them? Is the chance of getting something free so irresistible? Or are the tricksters so good at it? 

I cannot say I will not be a victim myself because greed is another human failing.

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