August 20, 2006

八和會館 - Pat Wo Wui Kun

Pat Wo Association is the umbrella body for cantonese opera groups and artistes. This show (19 August 2006 at KAPT) was to commemorate its 149th anniversary. There were 3 artistes from Hong Kong and one from China participating with local artistes.

This is Yuen Siu Fai and Tang Mei Ling from HK. Yuen is a versatile artiste with his own inimitable style of acting and singing. He, together Mei Ling, gave an excellent performance of Song Jiang kills his concubine,

Another picture of Mei Ling.

This is Ting Fan and Joanna Wong. Joanna is the chairman of Pat Woh and the artistic director of Chinese Theatre Circle. She only sang a song with Ling Tung Meng. Ting Fan is a top artiste from China. He performed an excerpt with a local artiste. Unless the gap between the standards of the 2 artistes is not too significant, I do not quite favour this type of arrangement. It somehow mars the joy of watching an otherwise nice show.

This is Ting Fan and Lily Ng. Lily is the leader of her opera troupe at Kolam Ayer Community Club.

This is Ling Tung Meng and Joanna Wong. Tung Meng is the director and instructor of the Xin Meng Sing Opera Centre.

The girl on the right is budding artiste Chung Lai Yong. She performed an excerpt with Lily Ng. This is the second time I see her perform. She did well, I think better than many amateur artistes with more experience.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I also think that it would be alright to include professional artistes in their performances but should not feature a professional artiste with an amateur one as it really mars and many a times even murdered the enjoyment of watching.


Alan said...