August 10, 2006


Some photos of the 2 shows at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre on 8 and 9 August. Got videos also but YouTube and Sharkle do not accept the format and I doubt there is any software to convert them to another format.

Zhen Weng Sun, organizer and chief percussionist

young performers from Hong Kong

child artiste as a princess her normal self

from right, Mun Chin Sui and Leong Siew Sum (the children's teachers)

Pang Chee Quan

Chik Chiew Kuarn

Leong Sau Fong

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Miko said...

I learnt movements from Chik Chiew Kuarn before. She asked me in january if i can help her perform in August. Maybe it is this show she want me to help out. Unfortunately, she dun have my number so she can't find me. Anyway, I also very busy these few days. She is a nice person tho~