November 12, 2006


Cantonese opera show
on 11-11-2006 at Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre
organized by Kolam Ayer CC Chinese Cultural Group
lead artistes: Ng Lily, Chik Chiew Kuarn (黃莉莉, 戚超群)
guest artiste: Fung Kong Ngai (馮剛毅)

This opera has high entertainment value which is an important factor in opera shows. But there is one part which is rather unconvincing. In scene 6, the scheming wife told the physician to add an item to his prescription for her sick husband. She claimed she had some medical knowledge and threatened to get the physician arrested for being incompetent if he did not do so. How could an experienced an upright physician gave in to such flimsy threat…

Lily Ng was the leading xiao sheng for the first six scenes. Guest artiste Fung Kong Ngai from China took the last scene. She gave a spirited performance in scenes 3 and 5. On the whole she did creditably.

True to his reputation, in the final scene Fung gave a stirring rendering of the theme song to an attentive audience.

Chik Chiew Kuarn was the leading hua dan. She has the physique of a dan. She also has a pleasing appearance. I feel her look and the way she recites some lines bear a slight resemblance to Leong Seok Heng, a hua dan in China. But I think she sings better than Leong. She sang the theme song in scene 5 very well.

Others in the main cast were the scheming wife, the unethical tai jun and the conceited maid. They too performed well.

All these are just my personal non-professional view

鐘麗蓉, 戚超群, 馮剛毅, 黃莉莉

guest artiste 馮剛毅

tai jun & the maid 陳惠嬋, 鐘麗蓉

the wife 譚彩雲

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