April 18, 2007

Love our Earth

22 April 2007 is Earth Day

Today, 18 April 2007, is BYOBD. (bring your own bag day) And the first Wednesday of every month will also be BYOBD.

Using plastic bag excessively is a waste of resources and do you know why our climate is getting warmer and warmer….

Plastic is made from Polyethylene which takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade. Most of these plastic bags end up in landfills that emit harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). Now, CO2 and other heat-trapping gases are responsible for retaining the heat in our atmosphere and thus, contributing to global warming. There's no doubt about it. The Earth is sick, very sick. We read about global warming and how it's affecting the earth everyday in the papers. (This paragraph is extracted from Chris’s blog.)

Let’s do our part to support a worthy cause and help the environment. So don’t forget to bring your bag when you go shopping at the supermarket today and make every day a BYOBD.


Victor said...

Ya, they should have done this long ago. Can't understand why they came down so hard on chewing gum which was a comparitively minor and micro issue compared to a global environmental issue like global warming.

Anonymous said...

i brought my bag to shop n save a long time ago.. the cashier kept asking if i wamted a plastic bag.. even when i told her no..

but i found it a bit inconvenient when i bought milk.. cos it will make the bag wet..