May 17, 2007

Be responsible

Would you take a lift from friend whom you know has been drinking?

A news report a couple of days ago said a drink-driver had 4 passengers in his car. Didn't they know that they put their lives at risk. I presume they had been drinking too.

As friends of the driver I thought they could have advised him not to drive and all of them could take a taxi home.

It was reported that in Japan the police not only prosecute the drink-driver but they can also prosecute the driver's passengers. Not only that, people who drink with the driver and the owner of the pub might be penalized too.

1 comment:

Victor said...

The drunk driver of the car with 4 passengers inside could have been the most sober of the lot.

In Japan, the blame game goes all the way to the top. So the Social Minister may have to resign too. Haha.