May 12, 2007

Horror movies

Some people, Victor for example, say they won't spend money on horror movies to get themselves frightened. Others like myself like to pay to be frightened. But my interest is limited to movies and books. I won't go and sleep in a haunted house.

Here are some of my horror video discs. Psycho is an old black-and-white movie but it is a good horror movie. The actor is Anthony Perkins.

I wrote about this book 'The Day of the Jackal' not long ago. Forgot to mention that there is a movie based on the story. But the movie is lacklustre, lacking the suspense and excitement you get when you read the book.


Victor said...

So you are also like Firehorse - like horror movies but don't like to see real graphic gore and violence.

Anonymous said...

yes, you are right