September 09, 2007


Every few months I take a break from the computer. If at home, I take just a few days. If abroad on holiday, sometimes two weeks although I will go to an internet café to check emails once a week. The break does me good. It always cured my neck ache and eye strain. Then I have more time for other things like reading.

The other day
there was an article about over-zealous Korean missionaries going everywhere trying to convert everyone. In Singapore I don't think the church sends its members overseas on such mission. But I ever had eager young people coming to my flat trying to talk to me about their religion.

I told them I already believe in God. They like not believed me and asked me what I knew about God and which church I went to. Why not just say glad to know that and go away. So I told them not to waste their time talking to me. I also told them there are Malay families in my block and not to go and disturb them.

Being too persistent and too zealous do not help them. Instead it might alienate them from others.

The solder who
deserted his post and went off with his rifle and bullets did a foolish thing. It ruined his future. What if he became agitated or if he lost the rifle. Scary thoughts! Thank God, nothing happened. But as reported, it has caused grief and pain to his grandmother.

Sometimes it is better to think trice before we act.

Making the news public has advantages and disadvantages but I feel the risks outweighed it. We don't know how he will react if knows that everyone is on the lookout for him.


Victor said...

On the average, how many hours do you spend on the computer each day when you are not taking a break? (Don't worry, I am not like those young missionaries and will try to believe what you say.)

fr said...

Actually i didn't think of this, now after some estimate...
in normal time and excluding watching vcd on the computer, I think about 2 h.