December 02, 2007

广州粤剧团 - photos

Young sheng 蔡金敏 performed an excerpt with a lot of difficult moves like the part he did a somersault from a platform more than 2m high.
黎骏声, 倪惠英 in 睿王与庄妃 , a historical story about love and the intrigues and power struggle in the imperial court.

肖婉婷 (a dan) as the child emperor in 睿王与庄妃. She sings well too.

孙业鸿 (a very good comedian) in 异月情缘
- two women with the same name wants to marry the same man, one woman has true love for him and the other only loves his status and wealth

Opera 五女拜壽
- a story that reveals only the third daughter who is adopted and her husband who later becomes the imperial scholar are truly filial to their parents

陆敏渭(second sheng) in 五女拜壽

崔玉梅(second dan) in 郭子仪祝寿 - the prince consort is so furious with his princess wife that he slaps her

Young star 余碧玲 acting as 穆桂英 - in the excerpt she twists and turns, twirls and rotates her body and she shows the audience how to ride a horse, from a slow trot increasing to a fast gallop and how to rein in a horse when it becomes naughty and tries to throw her off.

Another 2 starlets 肖婉婷 as
杨文广 and 屈月梅 as 杨七娘

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