December 30, 2007


Remember, a few days ago I mentioned that hotel rooms in HK are very expensive. Then someone recommended me a guesthouse. You can check it out here:

A twin room costs HK$450 (about S$90), cheap? Not really, just about S$30 less than a 3-star hotel. You also have to consider other things.

Some guesthouses are in sleazy surroundings. What about security, and fire hazard if the guesthouse is at an old not well-maintained building.

When I checked into a hotel, I do read the 'in case of fire' information.

When I take aeroplane I also pay attention to the demonstration on how to put on the safety equipment, etc.

I think these are habits, not that I am particularly safety conscious.

Remember I also said somewhere, human beings are creatures of routine and habits. Sorry, it was said by the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

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Victor said...

I've seen the safety demo on aeroplanes so many times that I could almost recite exactly what they say - "The emergency exits are located at the sides... the safety vest is located under your seat... if it doesn't inflate, give the tabs a firm tug or blow through these tubes...

The problem is, in some emergencies you don't even have time to do all that.

Nowadays, the safety demo is usually in the form of a video instead of a live demo by a crew member as in the good old days.