December 01, 2007

广州粤剧团 - 朱弁回朝

The Envoy's Plight, 29 November 2007

崔玉梅, 黎骏声

This is a good show. It has the flavours of a traditional opera with moving scenes, good songs and even some well-executed fighting moves. It is one of those that gives you the ‘hao kan’ feeling, 好睇 in cantonese.

The opera is unexpectedly short – about 2.5h. I have not seen this before so I don’t know if it has been condensed. Because it was short, no one left the theatre before the end. Usually a minute or so before the end there will be people who are in a hurry to go out. They will stand up, watch for a while and walk slowly out, blocking the view of others. That night no one even stood up, like they were reluctant to leave.



Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

frannxis, you are very hard working as a opera franatic. You've earned my admiration and respect. I must salute you. I was planning to see the envoy show, but decided to give it a miss because I was too tired, re-building my blog. Pls visit my blog & comment. Friend, can you show me how to include such a beautiful opera song audio on your blog, using xanga, on my blog. I must have you accept me as a disciple for teaching me such advance computer knowhow. Sifu mentor, would you allow me to feature the same song on my blog, please. Thank you, again. Hongxi

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

frannxis sifu, if you happen to know the name of the defunct opera theatre at smith street, please let me know. Thanks. Hongxi, again.

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

Frannxis, I have some very rarely heard nice opera songs on VCD. Can you tell me how to embed it for sharing with others to listen or watch on the blogs? Thanks. Hongxi

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

franxis, watch this video. This is incredible. Girl dancing beautifully but without arm, man without leg.

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

View the two handicapped performance at this...

I have found the solution using xanga to upload and play audio.
Thanks Hongxi

Anonymous said...

I'm not fanatic, the most is passionate.

You can put my songs and videos on your blog but I don't know whether they are infringing copyright laws or not.

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

Your reply noted. Points taken. I have posted the following information on my latest revamped blog, now under a new name, i.e. (This may affect the link on your blog. You may want to do something to effect the change.)

The infor is reproduced here for your convenience. Enjoy watching these with passion, lah:

TorontoTV: Butterfly Lovers 多侖多 樓台會
Toronto: "Butterfly Lovers" Cantonese Opera by Starlight Cantonese Opera Group, available on the following Google Videos,

TorontoTV -Cantonese Opera - Butterfly Lovers #1 #2 -20070521,etc, etc.

TorontoTV - Alice in Opera Wonderland

Search for more related google videos, e.g.tangtakkwat, at:

Cheers. Hongxi