February 02, 2008

Email from an opera fan

Thanks to all of you who have sent me CNY greetings and very interesting cards.

Share with you an email I received a day ago from Jodie.....

"I wanted to post this mail to your blog but being a computer idiot, I do not know how to do so.

Well, last December, my aunt and I had a short break in Guangzhou. Fortunately, we managed to catch "Hua Yue Ying" there as we had missed this performance in Singapore as both of us were in Vietnam then; this is a good show and we thoroughly enjoyed the stage performance.

Anyway, that is just a side track. The purpose of writing this email is solely to share with you and the fans of Mr Ow Kai Meng, our experience while we were in GZ.

As avid fans, the first thing we did was to find out the dates for the opera performances. Not only we did that, we also went to the extent of visiting the Hong Dou and Guangtong troupe at their respective sites. We chanced upon Mr Ow and his Manager, Mr Su Hua.

We must say that we are indeed impressed by Mr Ow's humble hospitality and well-behaved manners which nevertheless gained our respect - no air at all! We saw two of his performances while we were there - to our surprise, he could pick us up from his crowd of both local and overseas fans - came straight to shake our hands and on the last night, expressed his well wishes to us for a safe journey back.

I am certainly looking forward to watch his performances in Singapore which I understand should be soon....."

Transport woes

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