July 17, 2008

Tall Tales

One day I was having dinner at a stall in a food centre. I saw an auntie helper scooped rice from a big container, poured it into the cooker, added water and switched on the cooker. But she didn't wash the rice. Never mind, I thought. You won't get sick eating unwashed rice. It is also not an offence not to bathe the rice.

Anyway, after my dinner I asked her how come she didn't wash the rice. You know what she said. She said in the afternoon she washed already and then dried it. So free, nothing to do or what? You believe that ... You know how the grains stuck together when they are wet. Wash the whole container of rice and then dry the rice? Bullshit!

Another time
it was outside a lift in a commercial building. I was waiting to go down. When the door opened I saw a Chinese man quickly drop his hand which was holding a lighted cigarette to his side.

Inside the lift I said to him 'Cannot smoke inside the lift'.

After a pause he said 'I not smoking what, where got'.

Oh, trying to be smart, I thought.

After a pause I said 'According to law, whether smoking or not, holding a lighted cigarette with smoke coming out is an offence'.

True or not, I don't know. I just said that hoping he would not smoke in the lift again.

He kept quiet.


june said...

Regarding the not washing of rice, if i were u, i would have reported it to the ministry of environment by phone or writing quoting the stall no.It is being civic-minded.
Same as the 2nd happening, tell de security guard of the building. By doing so, you are helping lot of people. Agreed ?

Victor said...

The problem is that we have so many laws but there is lack of effective enforcement (of the laws). The NEA officers can't be everywhere 24x7. In fact, you rarely see them around. So offenders find it worthwhile to take a low-risk chance as they are unlikely to be caught. And if they didn't get caught, it won't be them suffering the consequences. So why should they care?

Yes, you should report them immediately to the authorities the next time. It is not advisable to confront them like you did as some of them may not be bothered to think of a good excuse the next time but may turn violent against you.

fr said...

I just feel reluctant to do it.
Thanks for your feedbacks. I will consider them in future encounters.

Hi Vic, don't worry, I didn't really confront him. I just said quite casually, advisory tone not reprimanding. I could see that he knew he was wrong despite what he said.