July 11, 2008

What's done cannot be undone

I was doing a search when I came across an article with the above heading at theborneopost.com. It was dated 27 April 2008. Nothing surprising. But there was a little surprise for me. It quoted a chunk from a post I put up about 3 years ago. I have already forgotten much of what I wrote. It also quoted Victor's comments. Quite a surprise, isn't it?

Here is part of the article, the sections in blue are from my post -

What Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim didn’t say is: “Forgive yes, forget no.”

And, of course, it’s all very true that what is done is done. It cannot be undone.

Frannxis’ blog has this to say about the proverb:

" Bought a box of persimmons at Fairprice for $5.80 and the next day Fairprice had it on offer at $4.80. This type of thing happened before and each time I used to scold myself for buying the thing too early. But then who knows. So, I find this proverb ‘What’s done cannot be undone’ very appropriate and consoling.

Earlier in the year, someone I know bought a return air-ticket to Hong Kong from a budget airline at the normal price. Soon after, the airline had a promotional offer to Hong Kong — the price was several tens of dollars less and it covered the travel period of this person. He was sore at the airline.

‘What’s done cannot be undone’. There is no point brooding over it; otherwise you make yourself unhappy.

Similarly, if you had said or done something that offended your friend, see what you can do to repair the damage rather than brood over it.

This proverb also reminds us to think before we act. "

Someone named Victor posted on the same website the following comments:

" About the drop in the price of persimmons by $1 the next day, be consoled that you were getting persimmons that were one day fresher on the previous day.

One good example of a product with price decreasing almost everyday is the PC. I bought my Pentium III Datamini 1 GHz PC in March 2001 for more than $2000. Today (with) that kind of money can buy a Pentium IV PC of 3.4 GHz. But if I keep waiting for the price to drop, I will never get to buy a PC as it becomes a never-ending waiting game. "

At the end of the day, it may be too late to say “What’s done cannot be undone”.

What to do under the circumstances?

Never let it happen again or have the vision and foresight to prevent it happening.

from: http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=34659

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Victor said...

Woah, it's indeed a surprise to learn that they even quoted my comments.