September 14, 2008


This is a Japanese fruit liqueur. According to the label it is 100% honey and also got royal jelly. Bought this bottle from the DFS at Changi Airport last year. Never tried this before. I like the dull-looking fruits in the bottle.

Two days ago I performed the opening ceremony. Hee hee, I even had a 'guest-of-honour' - Samak. He was on tv.

I drank some mixed with ice. At first I thought it would be like those cream liquor which are too sweet for my liking. But no, it is not too sweet - sweetness merged with some sourness. The taste suits me. You can also mix it with hot water.

Alcohol 15% which is quite low compared to the 40% in cognac and whisky.

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival.
Cheers, everyone.


Victor said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too, Frannxis.

(Wah, the colour of your kitchen tiles matches almost exactly to the background colour of your blog. Haha.)

Anonymous said...

Now I see! It is coincidental, if you didn't mention, I didn't even realize it.

Haha, it again shows how observant you are .... about everything.

Miko said...

I tried this many years before and I 'fainted' after half a glass!