September 02, 2008


Do you know there are quite a lot of Chinese (including Cantonese) opera videos at And a few videos are very long. I think youku doesn't have the 10-minute limit as in YouTube. But youku is in Chinese.

Someone sent me a mail recommending me to use youku.

Here are some cantonese operas at youku:

At Kreta Ayer People's Theatre, last Saturday:

See, a man sitting at side of the third row had set his cam to take videos of the shows but his cam was poking up so high. I was sure it blocked the views of some people. Sure enough, later two women complained to a lady, I think a member of the organizing committee, and she changed their seats. What about those who didn't complain? Luckily it didn't block me. I think the organizers shouldn't allow this (the video cam blocking the audience).

I saw this happened before. Then, one brave woman went up to the man and I guessed she told him off.

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Anonymous said...

I think the guy must be from the organising committee. What about those who use cameras with powerful flash? Once I had someone sitting beside me flashing his camera every few minutes. I complained, but there was no other seat in the front rows.

Some fans of that Saturday night's show was quite irritating. They kept running out to the front to take video clips. It is really not fair to people who were sitting in front.

The performances on that night were good. I was very impressed with the handsome boy Chan Deng Bong. He has good "toi fung" and so "you ying".