September 16, 2008


I just paid a parking fine at Sing Post. It was really a penalty for my own carelessness rather than a fine for violating any parking rule.

It was quite windy. I guess when I banged the door shut, a gust of wind lifted up the parking coupon from the edge of the dashboard and then it drifted down onto the floorboard.

The receipt for the parking fine was a long one because it got a lot of free things. You just have to show the receipt to get them:

1. Additional 5% petrol discount at all Caltex Stations.

2. Get $1 off Shaw movie ticket.

3. Get 5% off your bill at KBox.

I suppose these are to encourage you to use SingPost and not encourage you to break traffic rules.

Until recently, I didn't know you can pay road tax at SingPost. I used to pay road tax at my insurance company, INCOME. And you can pay other bills at SingPost too. Sometimes you can also buy things like computers and cameras. This branch I went to also has an officer from an insurance company to give you advice.

Once upon a time the post-office was just place where you went to post letters or buy stamps.

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