August 19, 2009

Autumnal Rain, 秋雨

This is an old post brought forward. I will be moving forward some other old video posts from time to time. My old videos at YouTube are not there anymore, so I want to upload some of the old videos to my new channel.

Autumnal Rain is the name of this movie :

Briefly, the story:

A Japanese girl was in China learning Pekin Opera. She fell in love with a young Chinese man, who was a Pekin Opera artiste. But then they learnt of a horrible secret. In the war years the girl's grandfather was a soldier in the Japanese Army that invaded China and he was the one who killed the man's grandfather. So, conflicting emotions were set in motion.

In the clip below the Japanese girl played the role of the princess in a Pekin opera. Her Chinese lover acted as her husband, Yang Si Lang . It is an emotional scene.
铁镜公主 & 楊四郎 .....


Anonymous said...

San Wang Wu ti has started again. Need more informations? Contact me at

I'm actually the society member over there. :) anyways opera should be starting soon. get your tix.. u should know where.. :)

Do help and donate to the charity!

fr said...

Forgot to mention:
the comments above was also old ones