August 29, 2009

Old movie flyer

1. Below is an old movie flyer copied from another site. It was an advertisement for a Cantonese movie starring Chan Bao Zhu, a famous actress in the seventies, at Jubilee Cinema. The old Jubilee Cinema is no more there. At its place now is the Raffles Hotel. There is a Jubilee Theatre (Guang Hua Ju Yuan) at level 3.

Anyone of you still keeping this type of old movie flyers?

2. I just read a post. It says there is a limit to the size of your photo storage for your blogs. I was not aware of that, are you? When you reach your limit, you have to pay for more space if you want to post more photos. Next time better reduce the size of the photos before I post.

3. Once in a while, I see such comments in my videos - people asking where they can buy the vcds. I suppose they were asking me and not just any one. But they are not living in Singapore, they are staying in Canada, USA or some other country. My reply won't help them, right?

Anyway, the majority of my vcds/dvds were bought in Singapore. Some were from Hong Kong and Guangzhou. One of the shops which has quite a lot of opera vcds in Singapore is at Chinatown - Da You Dept Store (level 2), Smith Street.

If you come to Singapore, don't forget to visit our colourful Chinatown
and you can go the vcd store to have a look. The light-up at Chinatown for the Mid Autumn Festival will be coming soon.


Victor said...

Frannxis, you should also warn elderly Chinese visitors going to Chinatown about the sexual harassment they might get from young ladies. (The last episode of Channel 8's Frontline was about this subject.)

The blogsite that limits total size of photos (I think it's 1 GB), is Wordpress. But 1GB is quite a lot of photos. Actually, if you limit the size of your photos to VGA (about 100kB each) you can upload 10,000 photos if given 1 GB

Lam Chun See said...

Haven't been to Chinatown since they renovated the food centre. One of these days shd go down and at the same time check the place Frannxis recommended that sells vcds of old Cantonese movies. Since I am not yet 'elderly', I don't need to worry about harrassment need I?

fr said...

Right Vic, 1Gb should be enough for most people who don't post a lot of pictures.

No need to worry about the harassment from the ladies. If you show no interest and don't maintain eye contact longer than needed, they won't approach you.

Chinese visitors also don't have to worry because they target Singaporeans only and I think they can pick out local men quite easily.

LCS: the store has a wide range of vcds/dvds - English and Chinese movies, documentaries, drama serials from HK, Taiwan, China, Korea, Chinese operas, and others...