August 12, 2009

National Day T-shirts

These are my National Day T-shirts bought in the past few years. Actually only two have just been washed and hung out to dry. I put up the other two for photo-taking only. Otherwise they would feel left-out.

Also not to leave out this one - the latest, 2009.

粤唱越好戏——珊珊的博客 (
This blog has news and information about cantonese opera in the Guangdong province. The blogger is a young lady working in the media as a reporter/presenter/performer.

Yesterday there was a letter in the papers written by someone called Paul Chan. I doubt he is a businessman. Do you know what Paul Chan means in Chinese? It means Bankrupt. Here are some English names which sound quite humorous in Chinese. I copied them from this blog :
There are some more there. The blog is in Chinese.

Faye Chen ~ ( 华) – 灰尘
Carl Cheng ~ (福建) – 屁股

Jane Tan ~ (华) – 煎蛋

Paul Chan ~ (华) – 破产

Nelson Tan ~ (华) – 鸟生蛋

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Victor said...

Another one - Michael Tan - 卖鸡蛋 - Cantonese for egg seller.