October 18, 2008

Some interesting pictures

These pictures are copied from other blogs.

Rock formation - what creature do you see ?

- see, the woman's face and the face on the book cover in almost perfect alignment

, three-inch feet - women in ancient China bound their feet to fit into these tiny shoes

Pain - I think this is from Shanice's blog.


Lam Chun See said...

I like the last one. Th boys expression is so cute. Looks like the person doing the injection is quite rough.

Lam Chun See said...

The first boy is screaming. The 2nd boy is worried. The rest are laughing .. but not for long I guess :)

Anonymous said...

right, the nurse looks quite rough - like she is attacking the boy

yg said...

bound feet belongs to another era. i used to see them in singapore when i was younger but have not seen one for a long time.
i like the picture of the woman's face; captured at the right angle and the right time.
the boy receiving the injection was over-reacting - typical of children his age.
the rock formation... a monkey?