April 02, 2009

Gay World and Sun Ma Chai

Read the post on Gay World in Times of My Life (http://timesofmylife.wordpress.com/). The pictures below are from his blog. It says Sun Ma Chai came to Singapore to perform at Happy World in 1963. Sun Ma Chai was my father's favourite singer.

This is Happy World, 快乐世界, (now known as Gay World, 繁華世界) in the early years :

The skinny grinning man is Sun Ma Chai or Sun Ma Si Zeng (新馬師曾). I don't know who the two huadans are. Anyone knows?

A write-up in the Straits Times about Sun Ma Si Zeng after his death ...

Here is a piece of one of his famous nanyin songs ...


Lion City said...

Hi Fran, nice pics of Sun Ma Sze Chun.

About the two female actresses (I could be wrong):

On the left of the picture is Chung Lai Yung and on the right is Cheng Kok Boh. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.

fr said...

I've no idea who they are. Thanks for telling us.