June 30, 2009

Performance at Jubilee Theatre

on 27 June 2009. The performers ...

王金英, 钟慧玲, 周汶姿 (Frances, Mandy and Sabrina)

The two opera excerpts were performed by Francis Wong, Mandy Chung and Sabrina Chow. They did very well.

Frances and Mandy performed
俏潘安. Watching Mandy perform you see some resemblance of Mui Suet See (a well-known Hong Kong huadan). Mandy is a super fan of Mui.

Sabrina performed the excerpt 鬼怨 which is from the opera 再世紅梅記

鬼怨 A ghost's grievances
Previously I have shown you a clip performed by Keng Har. This clip is performed by Jeong Mun Tuin, the version used by Sabrina.

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