June 28, 2009


Still thinking of holidays. See the pictures below. They show well-known landmarks in two countries. Even if you have not been there before, you could have read about them in some brochures. Do you know where you can see them?

stone statue
of goats

beach with mermaid statue

Picture 1: I made a mistake. The animals are not goats. They are rams.
The five-ram stone statue is at Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou, China.

Picture 2: It is the Samila Beach in Songkhla, South Thailand.


Victor said...

My guesses - photo 1 is Hongkong and photo 2 is Songkhla.

fr said...

one right, Victor.

jc said...

I thought the 1st one is Guanzhou?

fr said...

correct, JC