October 26, 2009

Buddhist Temple and Opera

Buddhist Temple and Museum 

This is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum at South Bridge Road, opposite the Maxwell Road Food Centre. If you are a Buddhist, probably you would have visited or will be visiting this Temple. I have passed this place many times, but last Saturday was the first time I stepped inside. It has a big hall which is very impressive.

At basement 1 there is a small theatre called Nagapuspa Theatre (龍華劇坊). Tung Onn will be staging a Cantonese opera show at this Theatre in December. ( By the way there is a film show on 7 November in the afternoon. It is about Da Mo, the Master of Zen. If you are interested you can get a free ticket from the Temple. )

Opera VCDs

Bought some Cantonese opera vcds. These were selling at S$7 each some time last year. Recently, it was S$5 or buy two get one free. They are genuine stuff, not counterfeits. These VCDs by Koi Meng Fai and other HK stars are expensive in HK, about HK$120.


These are old operas but quality is good and got colour too. Last year it was S$1, now only 50 cents. I didn't see them at the shops in HK. There are also some old black and white cantonese movies - also 50 cents. In HK they cost about HK$35.

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