October 16, 2009

newish and hard

I came across a blogger using the word newish. I didn't know the meaning. I looked it up. The dictionary says it is an adjective meaning 'rather new' or 'fairly new'.

I'm trying it out, hope I use it correctly ....

There is a newish fruit stall at my market. It was not there a month ago.

Came across a blog on PSLE Maths. Some problems are really hard. I think some parents and many lower secondary pupils can't do them. Here is one example. You need to understand the question and picture it in your mind or draw a diagram for illustration.

Hard, isn't it? Haha, but less difficult than quizzes on old buildings. Anyone cares to exercise your brain cells. If you do, please let us know your answer.

If you are not familiar with our education system, PSLE stands for Primary School Leaving Examinations. After 6 years in primary school, a pupil (about 12 years old) takes this exam. If he passes the exam, he goes to a secondary school.


Anonymous said...

my answer is at 10.55min 30 second

Victor said...

My answer is 11.06 a.m.


If Mei had continued cycling at 20 km/h after she had reached the end of the journey, she would have been ahead of Lin by 7 km (2 x 3.5 km) by the time Lin reached the end point.

Mei covers 1 km in 3 min (20 km/h). To cover 7 km, she would need 7 x 3 or 21 min.

10.45 a.m. + 21 min = 11.06 a.m.