October 01, 2009

old photos

Found these old photos in a huadan's album:   
An actor in old cantonese movies. A playboy; you might have read about him in the gossip news dating young girls one-third his age.

An opera artiste, I've only heard of her.

I don't know her but I think she was a singer. 

A famous opera huadan. She is about eighty now. Below is her recent photo (the one in the red coat). The photos are about 60 years apart.

I just found this picture of an old theatre. My first thought, it was in Hong Kong. Well, which country do you think it was in?

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Lam Chun See said...

Top photo is Chia Yin. Used to act with Lam Hoong and Kar Ling. Most famous was the triple-9 series.