December 30, 2009

You bunch of monkeys!

Wong Fei Hong used to scold his disciples 'You bunch of monkeys'. Here is a clip of Master Wong scolding his disciples who have been up to mischief.

This is Sai Kua Pau acting the role of Nga Chaat So, one of Wong's disciples.


What distinguished Nga Chaat So were his buck teeth, his stuttering speech and his nga-chaat way of talking - characteristics which also made him likable. I don't know what is the English word for nga chaat.

nga chaat also sounds like toothbrush in Cantonese, 牙刷

Here is a dialogue in a movie in which someone asked him where his Sifu was. The dialogue is in Cantonese.

Someone: So, where is Sifu?

Nga Chaat So: Sifu has gone to call chicken ... chicken ... chicken ... chicken ... chicken ...............

Actually he wanted to say Sifu has gone to order chicken rice but the word rice took so long to come out.


Annie said...

How about "chatterbox" for nga chaat?

fr said...

I think chatterbox only covers half the meaning of nga chaat - which is something like talking as if you know everything. But it is not proud or boastful.

Lam Chun See said...

I don't know about you guys. But when I first saw the Jet Li version of Wong Fei Hong, I found it quite difficult to accept such a young man as the famous sifu who likes to lecture his disciples.

Lam Chun See said...

Ngaa chart means boastful, big mouth - like to talk big. When we were kids, we liked to chant these lines:

Nga chaat chaat, min loong loong,
Kin to lou shu lim kong chong

Roughly translated: Likes to talk big, face all black (puffed up). But when he sees a mouse, will dash for cover.