February 07, 2010

Busking at Chinatown

Saturday evening, Chinatown was a hive of activity. The streets and shopping centres were very congested - people everywhere.

At night there was a stage show by local performers and visitors from China. And some buskers were performing on the streets. There were two groups of seniors buskers along New Bridge Road outside CK Supermarket. The performers were enjoying themselves as well as entertaining others.

Here is a clip of a woman singing a well-known oldie and a man dancing away immersed in nostalgia, oblivious of amused looks from passers-by. I think the oldie is a song by the famous actress/singer Bai Guang but I don't know its name. Anyone knows?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Franxis,
The song is indeed Bai Guang oldie named Hoon Yin Chiu Mon aka soul XXX old dream. Hope to see more download of cantonese opera from you. Lau Wai Ming will be performing at Sims Dr from 16 Mar 10 to 21 Mar 10. Also heard that Lai Yu Wai will be performing at Toa Payoh during the same period. I'll try to scan and send you a scanned copy of Lau's schedule.