February 18, 2010


As we grow from childhood to youth-hood to adulthood and to parenthood, our feeling for Chinese New Year also changes. As kids we look forward to ang pows, aerated water, our favourite food and , for some of us, playing with fire-crackers. When we have children ourselves and they start growing up, we value traditions more and we hope that our children will carry on with them.

It was reported that more people fall sick during the CNY period because they overeat. Even when the CNY holiday is over, the mood lingers and food is still there and we are tempted to eat them. When we go back to our workplace, colleagues would bring goodies to share or some would go out for another feasting.
It will take about one week to go back to our normal diet.

I, too, ate more during this period but not a lot more. Still, that means more salt, sugar and fats which is not good. Fortunately I didn't fall sick.

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