February 05, 2010

honesty . babies


If you don't declare the offences you have been convicted of in your application for a job, it already gives the impression that honesty is not a value high in your list. If you have offences that you can’t remember, then state so in the form or go back and find out first.

Although we encourage companies to employ ex-convicts, I believe you have to see what type of jobs. I don't think a casino or a bank would employ someone who has been convicted for, say, cheating.

Or for example, if you need a driver for your school buses, would you hire someone who has been convicted for drink-driving or molesting children? No, right?


I think if a couple do not want to have babies, they will still not produce even if the government gives them cash outright. Bringing up children is a very difficult job.

You must really love children and feel that it is a blessing to have them. Couples in this group don’t need incentives. Neither can the stress of life stops them from having babies.

So, I feel there is a limit to what the government can do. It is really up to the people themselves.

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