April 04, 2010

The last day ...

of the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe's performance in Singapore

The show on the last night was about Wang Zhao Jun, one of the four beauties of ancient China. At first I thought it was the same as the opera 昭君出塞 or 昭君公主. However, it was not the same although in the opera the scriptwriter uses the famous song
昭君出塞 which Mak Yook Ching sang very well. There was another nice song - Zhao Jun playing the pipa and singing a sorrowful song under the moonlit night and this attracted the attention of the emperor.

There was one thing that I find not convincing.

Huhanye, the ruler of the Xiongnu tribe, liked Zhao Jun and accepted her as his wife but Huhanye's brother was unconvinced that a Han girl could be the wife of the tribe's ruler. So he asked Zhao Jun to shoot an arrow with the bow. Zhao Jun did that and he was convinced and accepted her. It looks too simplistic.

But overall I find the show better than I had expected.

Below are some photos taken after the show and during interval. No video.

中国广东粤剧院二团莅新演出最後一晚 : 一曲琵琶动汉皇

Emperor & empress 皇帝, 皇后 - 梁耀安, 岑海雁

公主 - 麦玉清

female make-up room 女化妝室

Palace maid 宮女 - 黃玉玲

Curtain call 謝幕

Group photo 合照

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