May 20, 2010

It is not far

A few days ago I visited a good, old, but long-time-no-see friend after dozens of promises over the phone to do so. Blame it on procrastination, something we all are guilty of.

He was at the gate to welcome me.

During the conversation I mentioned that now there is an MRT station at my estate.

Good for you, he said. Just downstairs? Your flat value will go up.

No, I said. About 10 minutes' walk.

Wah, so far! He said.

Where got far. You so lazy to walk 10 minutes or what, I said. You expect an MRT station at your doorstep.

All this was said in light-hearted tone just like friends bantering with each other.

Then I told him that when I first started working, for years I had to walk more than double that time from my house to the bus-stop to take a bus to work. I reminded him that he had also visited me at my old house before.

During the visit he offered me home-made coffee, some cakes and later a big bowl of green bean soup, something I had long-time-no-eaten.

It was a pleasant nostalgic afternoon.


Unknown said...

We are all living in more comfortable environment now compared to yesteryear. I still remember the cow dung on the streets (I'm not that old la....a kid then) and the Hock Lee (I think I spelt correctly) buses.

fr said...

Right, traveling is more convenient now. Yes, there was the Hock Lee Company.

During my early working years I took buses of the STC from Geylang Road to go to work.