July 15, 2010

distance-based fare

I think the distance-based fare is a reasonable one. People who often travel long distances complained because they have to pay more. But, in future their travel pattern might change. Looking at it another way, it means in the past people who travelled longer distances were given concession but now this is not so.

By the way I don't think it is possible for everyone to benefit from every policy change.

Elderly citizens using concessionary cards and who frequently travel long distances are also unhappy. But the important thing is that they still have concession although some may benefit less than before.

It would be good if there is a distance-based road tax structure - the more you use your car on the road the more road tax you pay. If you don't drive out from your car-park, you pay zero road tax. It is not the same as ERP which is mainly to alleviate road congestion. It only charges you for using certain roads during certain times.


yg said...

frannxis, i had seen this coming - the removal of the flat 69 cts fare for senior citizens. with the rapidly aging population, it was a matter of time before the authorities raised the fare. they just would not go on subsidising the fare (at the same rate) for the increasing number of mostly unproductive elderly folks. i think they see us - the retirees - as liabilities.

Linda said...

Hi Frannxis

I just came across this website:http://cantonoperaspore.blogspot.com/.

Is this one of your websites? It is quite good with many CO links.

fr said...

yg; With the authorities encouraging seniors to be active and to participate in community activities, I think concession for public transport will be kept at reasonable rates.

I guess as the elderly age further, many will travel shorter distance, opting to go to nearby facilities for regular activities like shopping, eating, etc.

fr said...

Linda: No, this is not my site.

You just found it? Actually this site has been in my Links for quite a long while already.