July 17, 2010


That day a young lady used a needle to poke me twice. No, I have not offended her. I was also not playing the fool with her, like trying to put a sticker on the front of her body.

I was at a clinic. She was the nurse trying to draw my blood. She pricked my right arm with the needle of the syringe. Then she pulled the handle. But only a little blood flowed into the tube. So she pushed the needle further in. Ouch! Still not much blood.

Not enough sir, I NEED MORE BLOOD : she proclaimed. I thought she sounded gleeful.

Those were chilling words. That means she would do it all over again. So, she took another syringe and pricked my left arm. Thankfully she got the blood she wanted. Otherwise don't know where she would poke me next.

Good, sir. I have enough blood : She said, as if she just drank it.

First time I got two pricks from a nurse.


Victor said...

What young-looking and fair arms you have, my dear Frannxis!

Anonymous said...
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