February 16, 2011

Oily Maniac

I also watched some old Chinese horror shows. I like horror stories but please don't think I am a horrible man.

Here are two shows which have quite unique stories.

Hell has no boundary - A young girl died a horrific death in her previous life. In her present life, the devil possesses her giving her supernatural powers which she uses to seek revenge on those who caused her death in the previous life although these people have also been reborn.

The Oily Maniac - A man learned the spell that could transform himself into a black oily man. To do that he has to immerse his body in oil. As the oily man he has increased body size, great agility and strength. He uses this power to protect others and punish the bullies.

YG has a post on the Oily Man scare in the 50s and 70s - click here

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